Well, it seems like we just can not give you enough of good music these days. Therefore, we will just keep it coming, as the inspiration hits us. You all could not have thought that we forgot about GI Peachez. We have not! Letting her and the rest of the Cutt Throat Comitty marinate for a bit only helps to get you ready for another taste of that New Orleans. The First Lady of Cutthroat Comitty is popping bottles this time, in the snippet, and she is legal!

Ladies Night is one of my favorite tunes from The Recognition, the first official release from GI Peachez on the Record Label. Everyone likes to go out and have a good time. Ladies Night is a record that supports that mentality. The vocals from Iris P are so harmoniously pleasing to the ear, you will have to put this one on rewind.

 Blow Me (One Last Kiss)

A party song is always a great way to get fans on board with new music. DJ's are often eager to play songs that can keep people dancing. The familiar words used to describe a need for a raise the roof good time are: get the party jumping. Today some of y'all may use words like getting turnt up or getting crunk.
Choose whatever words you want, just remember that having a song on that you can vibe to is all you need to get into your good time zone while you socialize and enjoy your vices. Just try not to go to far, you just might get hooked on that GI Peachez!