Fantasias has been that chic since she broke out from her peer competitors on American Idol as a winner. After chilling for a minute focusing on motherhood and trying to rebuild her lifestyle outside of the dysfunctional relationship she once shared with her sons father, Fantasia decided to channel all of her passion and positive energy into her music.

She didn't only court it, she married it and her sweet honeymoon has been all of the successful responses to her songs. The Without Me track featured above is a track that most women and men can relate to for obvious reasons. You have to know that what you bring to a relationship is valuable. This song makes that idea a vital mindset. The lyrics can not be mistaken as passive.
"As hard as you try to hide reality we know the truth"......."been knowing you a little, I give a finger in the middle"

If you are feeling stuck, after hearing this song, you will take some type of action to at lease make your significant other realize your worth.  The lyrics really go along with some emotional feelings tied to exchanges between partners who feel used or entitled because of their investment within a relationship. Without me features Kelly Rowland and Missy Elliott. The title of Fantasia's new soulful project is "The Side Effects Of You". Fantasia is scheduled to appear at the Busnell Theater July 19th in Hartford, Connecticut.

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