Photo Credit: DopeRaps

Many of us may feel like Boosie when it comes to the passion we have for Hip-Hop and thinking of it as a family and community that is directly connected to our life and the lives of those we may know, love, and trust. In Lil Boosie's Song called Dirty Diary, the Louisiana Rapper ends his song by saying "This should make you buy my album 5 times" All I could think about is Jay-Z's Life and Times because he said buy you 2 in one of his lines. I loved that line too. Boosie does not disappoint in the vibe of Dirty Dairy, keeping his flow in conversational tone while telling stories of his love for comrades, expressing wonder about who will actually ride for him and also a hint of violence about someone getting shot in the face like Rapper Nice Gunz own Brother who took a bullet to the face and survived the ordeal. Check out the Dirty Diary Video on DopeRaps.