Y'all are going to be laughing before you finish this post! Female Rappers receive a lot of criticism from their female peers and male peers alike. As if it isn't tough enough for a female to compete in a male dominated industry already, females get talked about for trying to be to masculine with their rhyming skills. Confident sisters are accused of being overly sexy and in their minds they are trained to believe that sex sells. Another fact that seems all too real for some females rocking the mic is, beef. Yes being catty, toward other females who they believe are a threat, comes natural. The Brat, and Foxy Brown have all seen the inside of a cell block. Ya girl Remy Ma is still down right now.  Although, fist fights may land you in the slammer, some girls can't help but embrace their bad girl.

On top of that, the media tries to paint a picture of what a Female Rapper should look like by showing us an edited version of a woman. The fake hair thing is so yesterday.  Plus, women usually claim their fake tresses as their own one they leave the Beauty Store.  Today, it's botox for wrinkles and implants for buts and breasts. Dental work gets less attention than the fore mentioned, likely because of the health benefits associated with having good teeth.

BNicoldaReason would probably tell the critics to "Knock It Off". She does so effortlessly in her lyrically perfect song. Calling out guys who stunt hard and are living at home with their mothers. Females don't get a pass either she mentions scandalous females who hide their parental status , calling out those who are pampering themselves with trips to the nail shop and neglecting their children.

Guys who stunt hard don't get a might be hating her after their first listen.  Real ballers will agree with her though. "BNicoldaReason" talks about  so called ballers wearing their friends shoes and their lack of finances. Her advice is, don't holla. She wants them far away from her.

Knock It Off has appeal not only because it provides at least 7 ways for you to say GTFOH, the lyrics go much deeper, if you break the song down.

A few pointers on good and bad publicity might help BNicoldaReason gain a new perspective on how media works.  With a name like B Nicol da Reason, you have to wonder why she is making some members of the media wonder does the B stand for B****.

Apparently, she wants positive media coverage surrounding her name. When asked for photo clearance, the Louisiana Rapper said yes, only to salt her approval with a request for positive praises. It seems like the Raptress should take her own advice and practice what she recites over the beat.

On the positive side, BNicoldareason is doing a few good things for us. By pointing out unhealthy/unattractive behaviors, she is telling women to put their kids first and be proud of being a mom. Her advice is not bias in favor of men either. She reminds them that braggadocios is not cute.

Slick advice in song is not all she has to offer potential boyfriends. BNicoldareason is giving us a new way to say at least 7 things. Forget about the things you can say that are similar to those on our top 7 list below.  When you notice any of the forementioned behaviors in someone, be ready to say: "Knock It Off". Saying "Knock It Off" will help you avoid one of our top 7.

1. GTFOH (Get The F*** Outta Here)
2.Get Real
3. Oh, No You Didn't
4. Oh, Hell No!
5. Cut It Out
6. He Tried It!
7. Stop Being Fake