Na Knee Na

The business moves associated with making it big in the music game can give you migraine headaches, if you are not willing to put in the work required to establish higher levels of success. You have to be passionate enough to share your talent, you have to be motivated; most of all, you have to have a great support system. People who believe in you add more positive energy into the mix. Gunna (Nice Gunz) jumped around a bit, doing shows and things. Then, somehow, the stars and the moon opened up new opportunity and he hooked up with this guy.

Geedy P (Left) is Nice Gunz (right) new Manager. We won't be able to tell you a lot about Geedy P. until we feel him through a bit more. What we are feeling about him so far is... his slender frame and business mind for doing this....

......Fill in the blanks.....for being smart enough to recognize opportunity.......for working with someone with passion.....for choosing the right dude.....for not being afraid to make friends with the right people......for setting up shop like a true Boss.....for taking hot fill in the rest.

Yes, they are luxuriating in a real studio with real equipment. It's work, work, work time. How you lovin' that?