GI Peaches on the set of her new video

GI Peaches sat down with Homegrown TV in the studio for an exclusive interview. The young GI talked about carrying on the legacy of her late brother Soulja Slim, the pressure associated with stardom, competition, and she also revealed a couple of things that her fans may not know about her.

"The Recognition will be released on Friday May 24th.

Peachez seems to love music but has not put education on the back burner. The good news is she will be graduating with a degree real soon.

Being The First Lady of Cutt Throat Comitty Records has not gone to her head either, the Star sill takes time out to take pictures with fans, even though she down plays her rising fame. Judging from the way she addressed fans at the end of her interview, it's obvious that Peachez is seeing big things in her future. The album release party will be held at The Howlin Wolf Den in the 7th ward on May 29th. Keep an eye on GI Peaches social media account on Twitter and Facebook if you are planning to attend. Until The Recognition drops, check out GI Peachez ft. on Ayo Princezz track called Ponde River. Tell us what you think? Are these New Orleans Rappers holding it down for females in the game?Checkout the interview here