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Donyell Porter

New Orleans Rapper GI Peachez seems to be doing everything she can to shield her nephew (Lil Soulja Slim from the craziness of the Music Business. She only just recently started to appear with him in more photographs and has to date only shared his music on occasion.

Yet, she seems to be doing just the opposite with her own promotion and media strategies. First, the benefit and appearance on the Channel 4 in support a non violent iniative. Then its her massive Social Media Presence. Photos of the Rapper and Performance Announcements for her shows are constantly hitting the Internet.

The Cutthroat Diva is always using it to fully promote her New Orleans Sound. From collabos with female comrads like Ayo PrinceZz to getting the hottest DJ's (Black N Mild) to lace her tracks, to her recent call for Cutthroat Street Team Members, GI Peachez is making everyone look and listen. We were a little bit shocked when the news of her Something Borrowed GI Friday release was pushed back to Valentines Day.

That news takes up space on the back burner with our break down of her latest cries for attention. In one freestyle she talks about giving brain and posing is even poising with the likes of a stalker prospect. GI Peachez was recently spotted getting  her her cozy on with a guy wearing an OJ Tee similar to the one shown up top 

We don't care how you slice this up in your own mind, her actions are proof that she wants to get noticed and get fans BAMN (by any means necessary. We are not sure what GI_Peachez will do next. We just know that she is willing to GATW (go all the way).

Let's just hope her efforts really take her around the world and back. London is nice anytime of the year! Fingers crossed everyone. New Orleans is on! Starving for her music? Check out GI Peachez on Hulkshare. Is GI Peachez going to far with her attempts to gain notoriety and does the shirt make you feel queasy?