The Street Cam: Sunday Nite Live @ Encore (6/9) &emdash;

There are people that inspire others to follow their dreams and do great things. There are also those few individuals who you respect for doing or saying the things you never will. Then, there are the choice few left out there somewhere in between who for some reason or another, get your attention. GI Peachez has gotten our attention because she has been on her grind for some time now.

We put her on the Abornewords Watch List before she dropped her Recognition Mixtape and we are still looking on from our Blog Porch in amazement! What's next? Well her Recognition is not stopping that's for sure. Asserting herself seems to come easy, when she picks up a mic. She owns the stage no matter how many people are in attendance. As a part of the Rap Game, she has made it known that being coy is not what she's about. Letting it all hang out is just what she appears to be comfortable doing. Her wardrobe is filled with skimpy outfits that show off her five star figure. Belly, legs and her dairyaire! During a recent performance with New Orleans Rapper Ayo Princess, GI Peachez made it known that she is the entire package. Rap Verses, Dance moves, clothes for days, and support from family and friends, she has it all.

Caring about getting a deal or contracts is not on her wish list. On GI's Facebook and Twitter feed, you will find many shares in which she mentions Music as a dream. Always in tune with performing, the Female Rapper moves like lightening on stage. To our surprise she has even shunned mainstream media saying ___ F their support. Her bad behavior did not stop Channel 4 from featuring her in a news segment. Check out here feature spot. The girl is on fire!

As far as who she's respecting these days, style wise and rap wise, Eva Marcille, Rapper Eve, and Lil Kim seem to rank high on her list. GI Peachez changed her natural, blonde tresses to a braided updo like the one worn by Marcille in July's Essence Magazine. If that wasn't enough, when she did let her hair down, we realized that she was sporting a look similar to one worn by Forgive Me Rapper Eve. In Rap, the fact that she dropped her Jump Off Video, tells us where her Rap Respect lies. She chose Jump Off from her Recognition Mixtape as her first official video. The video is a showcase of her skills to flow, her respect for Rapper Lil Kim, and her ability to stay current on style. The sleeveless denim that has the Brown Beauty looking so dashing may be an indication that she's taking her style cues from Essence Magazine, one of our favorite Kindle reads. Here's her Twitter share containing a link to the video.

In the video, GI Peachez makes Lil Kim's Jump Off Beat her own. Female Rappers are really doing their thing left, right, and side to side. One thing we all better relize is that GI Peachez has next. Even though we don't think she intends to be second, we wonder who is going to get in her way. We will not drop any contender names yet though. We will say that Rapper Trina's new song featuring Meek Mill could mean she's a little bit jealous!

Do you like the way GI Peachez flows on Lil Kim's Jump Off and are you starting to make comparisons? Tell us what you think in the comment section!

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