Every now and then we need an escape, a getaway, or should I just say some time for urselves. Since a getaway does not have to necessarily mean traveling or leaving home, why not choose a favorite indulgence to get youinto a state of calm and relaxation, I thought. That's why I started listening to DJ Black N Milds R.I.P Podcast.

This should take you through the weekend and into your Monday, reminiscing on all that good, good. Warning! After about 10 minutes of his groove, you will be just right for some of that original Debarge, I Like It will take you way pass Seven Streeter.

His shares are what we want from our DJ's and yes he adds in that element of Bounce just like Mannie Fresh. Listen.

DJ Black N Mild has worked with so many Artist we follow and the sound never misses the hit meter. Whatever he creates is always on and trendy. There is well over an hour of some of everything mixed with bounce. Let it take you away this weekend. By the time you find your way back, there will be more great content waiting for you to read. Enjoy!