Two Gold Attitudes

Trinidad James gets a bad rap for not having a perfect grill, but his rap (All Gold Everything) is nothing but all good for a lot of his fans. The song does have a good rhythm with a distinctive pause in the hook. Good hooks  will get you caught up, making you want to join in and sing along. Even though James only got a little love from the crowd during his 106 & Park performance, at the New Year's Eve Party, he still held his stage presence, as he encouraged the sweating crowd to sing along.

There was a time when it seemed as if the whole idea of gold was becoming passe. Sure, we still had rappers who were occasionally showing up with blinged out gold dangling from their necks. That is kind of what everyone expected to be the norm, as far as appearance goes for Rappers, until a few things happened to change the game. Jay-Z changed clothes on us and also introduced Hip-Hop Culture to the likes of Kanye West, who has street swag, crazy lyrical flow, and an Ivy League style that makes him super marketable. LL Cool J, DMX, and Will Smith helped to up the ante on what Hip-Hop Culture should expect from a Hollywood man. Each of these Rappers have tied in their oven versions of what living the glamorous lifestyle should be. They all have been photographed wearing lots of gold, at some point during their career. Platinum and diamond jewelry have become a necessary part of Hip-Hip Culture too. Still, that doesn't make Gold any less desirable.

That's why when Trinidad James came out with his All Good Everything Song, it brought back all the same feelings that surrounded the Kanye West Gold Digger Song. The Gold Theme Is Back!  Trinidad James is using it  to draw you in,  just like Gold Digger did, and we get to say: Don't believe me just watch. The color theme of both songs is the same, despite the difference in meaning. Trindad James has a song the reps having things while acquiring more, as everyone looks on in disbelief. His Hip-Hop message is a show and prove, show and tell, attitude. In comparison to Kanye's song Gold Digger which takes on females out to get money, All Gold Everything seems less serious but fun all the same. The thing that made Kanye's Gold Digger so popular was the fact that he indirectly made sure females and ballers knew that he wasn't really judging or taking sides. The unisex approach made the song brillant. To heed the message of Gold Digger means being on the look out on a two way street. Either you are going to be that chic who gets yours or that dude who dodges a bullet. Gold Digger is a brilliant way to tell a story and offer advice. Although, the topic made the song serious, adding in Jamie Fox took some of the weight off the song, making it a little more comical.

No matter whose song you believe is best, there is no denying, gold coming from either artist, gives fans a reason to turn it up on some real life experience stuff. Just remember, having things is never wrong. The way you acquire material things is a whole different story. What's your gold attitude? Whose side are you on?

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  Gold Diggers: Het, et Armstrong.

Kanye West is known for giving amazing shows full of energy when he performs on stage. He often freestyles during his shows, to give the crowd a little something extra. Recently, a few Rap Artist helped scientist in a study. The process included procedures that photographed the brain as the artist performed memorized content and then asked to freestyle. According to scientist, there was more activity happening in the brain during freestyling, even though self monitoring sections showed less activity. Based on the study, scientist determined that "shifts in brain activity may help people freely express themselves." Kanye West did not participate in the study.

Trinidad James is new to the rap game and he's making a major impression on up and coming artist, by being himself. We look forward to seeing him develop even further as an artist. It has not been confirmed, but Master P is said to have discovered the artist. For now, listen to his All Gold Everything.

We seen Kanye West come out with the models with painted gold bodies. Instead of bringing you to his famous Gold Digger Video, we want you to check out something that would make Kanye West and Trinidad James look so fly. Take A Look!