Just as the buzz was building around GI Peachez and the release of her Recogniton, things started to happen that only pumped up the hype even more. Facebook was going crazy, images of the young star were being dropped left and right, then New Orleans Rapper, Gunna did something that was very, very unexpected. He channeled Soulja Slim, by wearing a black bandana. Take a look at Gunna's Soulja Slim look

Gunna is not featured on The Recognition but he is, however, friends with GIP on Facebook. Don't believe the rumors! Gunna is not angry because Peachez did not include him on her project. There is no ill will between the two friends. Since Gunna seems to be channeling Soulja Slim and GI Peachez made it a point to honor her big brother with a creative verse feature, we would like to share the Peachez version of I'll Pay For It. Listen below by clicking the microphone

Since Gunna photo, The Recognition has dropped! It is available at Datpiff, hulkshare, and of course media fire for download.

The weekend has brought us a new selection of music from New Orleans Artist and Producers alike, so please enjoy and share your favorites. Tell us what you think of the Peachez version of Soulja Slims I'll Pay For It. Do you think her version of the song is even better than the original?

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