The Hip Hop Honors Show Aired on VH1 with Rapper Eve hosting, serving up good face and runway worthy fashion, There is no denying that Artist like Lil Kim and so many others need their share of the spotlight. We applaud them for all their accomplishments since they've done so much. We just want to recognize a few of our favorites, Artist we follow who are working extra hard too. Let's get into some NOLA Star Gazing.

Ayo PrincezZ posted multiple entries last month of what we are calling her photogenic African Travels. She made some connections and heated things up with photos and a video, showcasing what adds up to be a concert worthy performance full of NOLA Flow. Here are a few more photos and the video.

Lady Dahlia is always camera ready with a beat face (fresh makeup)?and Occhi fresh brows. Besides always being on some Microblading ish with her brows, Lady Dahlia often brags about her 160 lb frame and she is not ashamed to let the world know she wears a waist trainer, just like many other women. The "Hatin" Rapper is a big supporter of other females in the game doing their thing, helping others females showcase their talent using Cypher Videos. Recently, she released the Dirty Diana Video above. It's all about showing off her sexy and couple love. Maybe she's bragging and tooting her own horn a bit but the production is perfect and to the caliber of Fantasias No Time For It.

Lana Amazon is a Rapper with more of a spoken word style and poetic twist. She's tiny in statute but the power in her NOLA Flow is truly a representation of her strength. There is no doubt that she has superior skills. The Rapper recently released a spoken word verse ( it reminded me of what Nikki Giovanni did in her On Being Interview) on her Instagram Page and we love it. You won't be able to hear it unless you are one of her followers because she has a private account. The Tink Remix she did with Hot Bizzle is one of my favs. That's all.