BTY Young'N may be missing his label mate Nice Gunz but that's not stopping him from lighting up the Music Industry with all kinds of hot music and honoring other Creatives along the way.

A couple of weeks ago video of Singer Fantasia Burrino went viral. The Songstress was honoring Legend Patti Labelle at The BET Honors Ceremony. The performance was nothing short of spectacular! It was surely something special for me to watch, something that pulled at my heart strings. It's great when Artist use their voices and their talent to honor and recognize someone else. It's what the Abornewords Platform is all about. Recognizing the talent of others and sharing that content in informative and entertaining ways.

New Orleans Rapper BTY Young'N effectively did what Fantasia and so many others do in song everyday, when he released BTY and This Is For Y'all. In BTY, the NOLA Award Winner (Best New Artist) uses his video to rewind time and bring us back to Tyrese and his Baby Boy acting role, as he adds in some pretty rated R lyrics, to get his point across. Next, he hops on a track called This Is For Y'all with Elz Montana, making it clear that he's super creative and talented. Listen below.

You may want to lift you glasses for a toast right about now because BTY "wants it right now" and it seems he is willing to do what it takes to get it. We noticed will you? That's all.