A lot of Rappers create their Rap Names by including part of another Rappers name in theirs, in sound or even spelling. There can be many reasons for it and we are guessing it has a lot to do with being inspired, competing or just plain name jacking to get attention. You may be thinking, what about Rappers like Kevin Gates who are really using their own name or parts of it? Well, New Orleans Rapper YE Law is doing just that with a least part of his name. YE is annunciated just as it is written in letter form by saying Y and then E and Law is short for his first name which is Lawrence.

The young Rapper seems to be comfortable in his own skin and is having lots of fun making music with his rounds. He is well versed and upon visiting his Facebook Page, you will realize that he listens and shares a variety of Artist. While we ponder if he is sort of name jackin’ Rapper Kanye West (another one of my favorite Rappers) listen to his Smoking Song and feel more of that New Orleans Street Vibe. One thing is for sure, Nice Gunz may be Grindin’ but the competition coming from the NOLA and the surrounding area is non-stop. Get ready! That’s all Kudos….