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Iron & Wine sounds like a group of people or at least a duo in the Carmen Family of entertainers. The name even sounds like a dangerous random twist of the Bonnie & Clyde PNC (Partners in Crime) lover team.

The CD Cover that includes Naked As We Came, a song that is becoming a favorite her at Abornewords. Take a look at how Iron & Wine is fooling some unfamiliar fans.

Like the Iron & Wine name, the CD Cover does not exactly represent a group at all. Iron & Wine is really a talented artist by the name of Sam Beam. Described as a back-porch, Florida Singer-Songwriter whose sad little songs pack a helluva wallop, he is only a one man band. The name of the band will probably make you blink and wonder, if you are a fan of Hip-Hop Music, just like Naked As We Came. That's only because some Rappers and fans alike, equate Iron with gunplay (like Tyler Perry's Character Madea's steel). Consider this: adding wine with the word iron rhymes, but suddenly it seems like the wrong combination.

The Band Name and Song Title are likely to be easier for the Hip-Hop Generation to take than an antagonist of secular lifestyles or your great granny. That does not mean the sound of the music is garbage. Take a listen to song no. five, Naked As We Came and see if you think it will grow on you. You may even like some of the other very familiar songs on the playlist. The sound might remind you of the Beetles or Cold Play.

Initially discovered on Behind The Lens, a photography site, the song stirred up some controversy in the beginning. After considering that naked could in fact be an analogy for the beginning of life, as we do enter the world naked in the purest form, the song sounded more soothing and relaxing. It is definitely something to include on your own playlist, something for your music collection.

My number one tip is to include music at dinnertime with family or your significant other. If the name still rubs you the wrong way, try to think good thoughts and be comfortable with exploring both sides of your ideas. Remember, the artist intention/meaning is only the birth of the music. You have the option to explore the content in new ways. Exploration also equals well rounded, depending on where you are sitting. Is the artist name or song title offensive to you? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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The track is from the album entitled Our Endless Numbered Days. Comments

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