Bravo's showcasing Kandi Buruss Kandi Factory Talent Development Center located in Atlanta and she is finding Americas next hot Pop Superstars. No she's not falling off and quitting music herself, but she is giving aspiring stars like Lauryn Story (LA Story) a chance to launch their careers and be heard, on a national level.

LA Story "You & Me" is a perfect breakout song with pop appeal for various audiences, it's perfectly in tune with songs we hear today. Rihanna's Stay, Demi Lovato's Headache, Tamar Braxtons Love & War. These are the sounds that mainstream radio is in tune with too. Story won because of her overall appeal, according to Buruss.

Now, all I'm thinking is, is she going to spiral out of control and find herself naked and rated R like Rihanna has, claiming she feels free and more confident? Nothing against Rihanna or her choices but everyone knows she does not mind going to far and she loves the attention. Taking her clothes off is just another part of her work day. No finger pointing or fault finding with Rihanna. She gets rewarded for behaving badly. How could she help but live out the bad girl persona that seems so unreal and inappropriate.

Think about LA Stories new beginning as an artist right now. It's the exact same way Rihanna came out with a sort of girl next door image. The next thing we knew, she was rockin' her signature short, brunette style and performing Umbrella with Jay-Z. Some will argue she just grew up to grown woman. Others will say the industry turned her into a girl who loves to take her clothes off in front of cameras. All we know is that the verdict may still be out on why Rihanna became who she is today, but Lauryn Story has surfaced mainstream making Rockstar noise with her songbird voice. There is so doubt that another star is on the rise. Will she be able to maintain her parent friendly image or is she destined to be forced into a lifestyle that changes her PG image into Hollywood Blvd. rated X?

Alyssa Bernal Cali, Cali,Cali

On the "You & Me" song, Kandi Burruss continues to show that she has the skills to keep penning the hits we love. The song sounds so Lois Lane Superman trendy, in support of what seems to be a long distance relationship. Romance and understand ing is what the lyrics are made of. Parents can buy this one for their girls without making them feel Private School restricted. It's a real cool single. Listen