Nice Gunz has been very busy these days, doing everything from purchasing equipment for in-house music creations, to waorking on hot bars for a track called If Its Beef, to actually sharing Rap Snippets using his Blue Microphone on his Instagram page.  What a way to nurture his music dream!  Abornewords is proud to be instrumental in sharing a part of this Young Rappers Story.

Pictured above standing with his Father, who is known in the streets as Lacie, the fast guy, the guy with a nice set of hands, and of course we can't leave out the ladies man. He's that good dude that somehow got caught up in the system like so many others. Now Nice Gunz has to live with a Life Sentence away from his Father. Yet, he still finds time to show love for the one he misses the most, by showing up for a little face time and boy do these two favor. Yes, they are representing for the fam. Dispite everything that is cooking in the fire or ascended in heavenly locations, they live.

As-Salaam Alaikum and Glory be to the Father because three generations of these namesakes live! Wanna know more? You will have to land a Nice Gunz Interview to get the real strip down. For now this is all we have! USA, LLC