Okay the latest on the Queen Bee may not have you screaming from the roof tops but we still want to do a recap on how the Streets Are Watching and ultimately talking about what's going on with Lil Kim. First she released the cutest updated photo of her growing daughter Royal Reign, being held by her Annie and we loved it. Lil Kim was missing in action but we still could not help but look. There was not much buzz going on about DJs playing Lil Kim's New Mix Tape but we do know that The Queen Bee does not have to do much in order to get everyone to start putting their lighters up.  Since her mixtape has officially achieved Bronze Status, it is obvious she has some pull in the streets. Lil Kim has also been seen partying at a few clubs so we know she is still about having fun and keeping herself up on what's trending.  The Real Sic Rapper was probably feeling some type of way so she released Trap Queen. It's not a full song but it does get you a little anxious for the finish. Listen up!

Lil Kim's song The Jump Off was even featured on an episode of the new hit Fox Series Empire. We do not know if that means we will see Lil Kim in future episodes but it would surely shake things up in the Music Industry. We are eagerly awaiting to see what else Lil Kim has cooking. Until Kim decides to speak, let's just keep our ears open for more good music.

Tell us if you are anxiously awaiting a finish for this song and if you think Lil Kim could add lots of seasoning to Empires pot.

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