Keisha Cole has came out a few times buzzing and showing love in song/opinion. Her music always hits you right in the core of your heart; though I may have neglected to tell you, but Keisha's name rings in these streets 100%. If you are not picking up on her lovely vocals, you are missing out on some good girl realness. When she rocked her mohawk and sang "believe me you're gonna need me" not long ago, everyone not only sang along, they believed she meant it! I'm a believer!

Call it Karma or just reap what you sew, on some love hurt feelings that happen all to often. Just know that the girls music is genuine like the sentiment of her new Juicy J featured track, Rick James! Listen to the track and share your thoughts below.

Please, let what you decide to do after watching this be anything but slapping someone. You are not untouchable, you know. There is a plate with some numbers on it reserved for you to, if you decide to abandon your law abiding ways

Photo Credit: This is RNB

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