The recipe for beautiful music now doesn't only involve two love birds. You and your partner can now include Kelis in on your union and love affair. She is giving us a good song with a lot of melody and punch. Jerk Ribs is what we uncovered, after visiting her newly designed webpage.

I'm loving this song way more than her collaboration with Calvin Harris called Bounce. Jerk Ribs sounds like a modern twist of the 70's Superfly Era.

Lay down Kelis fans and expect to get into the sounds of horns, very instrumental music for your plate. Can your brain handle it? Does this mean Mrs. Bossy has (in fact) dumped her milkshake for a  new love, food? We are of course guessing and hoping for a unique spin on future singles from the star.

In Jerk Ribs, Kelis talks about her fathers musical capacity singing "He played the notes and keys, He said to look for melody in everything". Hearing Kelis sing about her father's talent was great, since she has credited her mother as being one of her style icons, in past interviews. Are you anxious to see how far Kelis takes this food angle? Well, according to Rolling Stone the title of the singers forthcoming album is Food. Tell us if you think that Kelis has finally found a way to renew her food appeal with yummy comparisons. Dave Satik is the Producer helping Kelis bring her music for thought to life. Listen Below to Jerk Ribs.