Lady Dahlia is known for here great brows and for being super raw and gutter when it comes to her image, photos and videos. Two months ago and almost one thousand views ago, she released a video for her song called Bad B**** featuring Clockwork Pumpkin Bad, and we couldn't help but give her a thumbs up on Abornewords. It took us a while but finally we are getting around to giving a permanent spot in our archive.

Lady Dahlia and her girl pal were being extra vulgar, shooting birds and talking lots of smack but you have to love their candid way of expressing their business. Dahlia and Pumpkin Bad were representing for the hood in this video, showing off a clear affection for more than the short short craze. We absolutely love it!

Hoop Earrings seem to be a Lady Dahlia favorite, as she wears them often in Instagram Post. Right now all we can think of is Lana Bramlette, who is known for her clean, elegant, and simple jewelry designs. Celebs love her creations too! Here are some cool sunglasses and Lana Bramlette designs below. Tag you're it!