It's always an exciting time for Artist/Creators in general who are releasing new material for their fans because a lot of blood, sweat and tears goes into the process before the finished product is released. After skillfully promoting singles from her new album, Lady Dahlia released her new album called Flavors earlier this month.

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Dahlia proves she is living up to the "Savage" title by keeping it professional from the album cover art to her image and subtle approach she used in naming her album (Flavors). The "Ride or Die" Rapper poses in her thigh high boots, making a real fashion statement, looking trendy. Here is what Lady Dahlia Fans can expect from Flavors.

Our Fav Five List

  1. Savage - Is a track females need to be playing and its a surefire way to claim worthiness and an intention to grind for success when you are about your business.  Boss chics will not be able to resist.
  2. You - A song that slows it down and offers fans something unexpected in that it is a deviation from Lady Dahlia's usual fast flow style.  In a slow drag melody, she breaks into song and professes love and a need to be with her one love.  I actually purchased this one because there is a lot of emotion connected to this song.  If you follow Lady Dahlia, you probably went through some of the emotions she was feeling while being separated from her love Don Nonnie.  She alluded to the fact that he was locked up and though I can not confirm it, the song is perfectly lovely.  The song also took me back to Akons Locked up track.
  3. Ride or Die - This song is right up there with Savage and would be my absolute favorite if only it had not fell into that Future sounding track.  Producer Black & Mild really showed up, adding his vocals to make it extra special with romantic word play, hooking fans with that familiar NOLA Flow like only a city man can.  Married women will not get into this one, as it glorifies being a Side Chic.  The rhythm fits well with Dahlia's fast Rap Style, adding drama to the song like her "All I Need Is Weed" song.
  4. Dirty Dianna - It starts out planting the seed of naughtiness and continues with Lady Dahlia bragging about her sexual Superpower, it gets all to good with Rapper Tokyo's feature.  It's not overly lyrical but the musicality and hook make up for the lack of words.  Fans get what they need and it's another one that will work for us women when we are feeling like we rule the world.
  5. Dripping In Flavor - A couples song that sounds all to familiar in that Don Nonnie and Dahlia seem to be influenced by each other and I can't say who is jacking whose style.  How could fans not get caught up?

Again, I purchased You because I can relate to professing love for a significant other. Is it you? No matter who she is singing to, there are some great songs on the album. To sum it up, Lady Dahlia is not a one hit wonder. Find the album on iTunes.

That's all. Kudos...

Photo Credit: Instagram