The only way to describe the fresh new talent Lil Kaotik is to keep saying fresh. Whether you are talking tender roni talk or just plan new, the buddy pal thing Lil Kaotik and Issa have going on with their Strapback Song is bound to make a few stacks.

LISTEN and DECIDE if there is something special about this Rap tag team.

Yeah there might be something special about this young team but it's a different type of milli status we are talking about. Why? To start, it sounds like there is something Milli Vinilli going on with Issa's vocals. He sounds to much like Big Sean, Kanye's Artist! We are not accusing anyone of anything! It is just a matter of sharing the real. You have to be deaf not to hear the similarity in his sound. The vocals are a dead on match, just like an Eddie Murphy impersonation or something. Sound similarities happen all the time in music. Sometimes it can just be a little to much. That's why some singers with good voices never make it to the finals on American Idol.

Artist have to fight hard to define and keep their identity, in the Music Business. Otherwise, they will be accused of being a carbon copy of someone else.

Fans have to be able to relate to you, feeling a connection to your story in some way. They also have to believe you are being real or true to your message. That's what makes Social Media so important. It helps an Artist stay create a more personal environment. One where fans feel comfortable sharing and engaging. We don't really know how Lil Kaotik's style or buzz is rubbing you, but we encourage you to tell us what you think of Issa's verse on Strapback Boy.

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