Armani Jeans Leather Jackets Rag and Bone Denim · Current/Elliott Cropped Denim

The scene for Rappers in New Orleans seems to be growing everyday. Social Media and You Tube are making it a lot easier for up and coming Artist to get noticed. New Artist are also less concerned with getting Record Deals from so called major labels. They are more focused on sharing their story by using music as a platform to reach their fans. For sometime now we have been featuring quite a few Artist here on Abornewords. We want to continue bringing you even more talent from The Big Easy.

Instead of being on our usual Rap Tip, we decided to bring you a little female R&B flavor. Check out Singer La'mor giving good face in her jeans and high heels. She goes through a few outfit changes to show off her personality.

Take a look at her I'm That Chic!

The song shows off enough lyrical variety to make its rhythm attractive to all age groups. The underlying message is to think highly of yourself. a Mystery Female Rapper even makes an appearance. Dice games, ripped pantyhose (like Kesha), jean shorts, and Timberlands are the fashion choices for these fun loving females.

We will bring you more on this Mystery Female Rapper later. For now just enjoy the sound and visuals associated with I'm That Chic. The voice of this rhyme spitter is so familiar. If you know who the Female Rapper is, give her a shout out! We are loving this song because we do what we want here at Abornewords. Follow suite!