Inspiration can come from anywhere. When it happens for creatives, no matter what field, it is like a perfect melody. In writing, characters get poked and prodded until readers feel a tickle of joy, from the funny or angry because the villain somehow defeated their favorite hero.

Visualizing messages, hearing the sounds, and bringing them to life in our own creative illustration, is how our imaginations come to life. Then, no matter what, the fantasy becomes a little more real. Imagination can take you to places unknown. Whatever your twilight may be outside or within your plight, you will not succeed at being apathetic while experiencing someones creative language.

Personality and creativity is working to draw you in and once it does, you are left feeling eager for what is still to come or left with an ache for an encore. The best state of mind, the one that will probably keep you coming back, is the one that has you so wrapped up, you never want it to end!

Usually inspiration comes from the people, places, and things around us. Those things that we have access to, in some manner or another, often help us to birth new ideas to share with our peers. Though, we all may harbor some desire to profit from our efforts, money is not number 1 on the priority list of most creatives. Money is an extra reward, obtained, as an additional benefit from participating in something we love.

We asked New Orleans Rapper Stick Up, a member of the Flight Pilots Entertainment Family, a few questions so that his fans could get into his head a little bit and find out how he feels about his career in music, money and achievements. He also dropped a few big names and told us why he loves music so much. Here's what he said:

Though money is often a desire, money itself is less likely to be the source of inspiration. Achievements are goals that have been accomplished, recognized, and rewarded. They are measured in different ways, depending on the onlookers expectations or the person achieving them. What you expect of yourself is going to be a big factor in how measurement is carried out. Opinions and feedback may be important to some. However, meeting the expectations of someone else is not what will take a creative to their harmonious moment in time. Consistency is what will keep creatives everywhere reaching higher, soaring to new heights.

Being driven and motivated or whatever you want to call it, ensures that goals get accomplished and that you reach your full potential. Looking up to another human being does not mean you have to fall into the trap of idolizing. Admiration is the reason shout outs mean so much. The biggest compliment is for someone to call you their source. If you ask me, the honor is a gateway to the best word of mouth you could ever receive. How many times have you yourself said something nice about someone?

Anytime you share your creative side with an audience, you are sharing a little of your personality too. What you truly hope for is that they get you or that you have some type of positive impact on them. Who do you look up to and who inspires you to keep reaching for the stars?