"When it's real you doin' this even without a Record Contract"____Nas

Nas' debut album, Illmatic, was released in April on Columbia Records, Beyonce's Label, 20 years ago. Nas let the world know, starting with his Intro Song that music was the very thing that would motivate him, drive him and mark the beginning of what is real to him, the music.

Illmatic is how Nas began to introduce us to his unique lyrical flow. So, if you are feeling homesick for that early Nas sound or just celebrating 20 years of music and his new film, Time Is Illmatic, you have to read more about the movie that Nas and his family haved cosigned. Yes, many of his family members will be featured in the movie, speaking on Nas' upbringing and how he transformed into the legend he is today. Read More. Then listen to The Genesis, and introduction to Nas' Debut Album Illmatic below.

Time Is Illmatic will provide the imagery needed to truly tell the story of ""Born To Use Mics", a book documenting the scholarly commentary of Professor Micheal Eric Dyson & Sohail Daulatzai. The two joined forces and complied the critiques of writers, reviewing Illmatics lyrical complexities, to author a collective work of brillant engagement for Nas fans, poets, and Hip-Hop fans, as a whole.

Time is Illmatic, the movie, will give new life to the words of these brilliant Authors. Culturally, the movie, an extension of the book, documents the societal struggles that challenged Nas and other impoverished people living in urban areas, as they tried to overcome statistics and realize their own American Dream.

An interesting fact is "New Orleans Rapper, Nice Gunz has a little sister named Genesis. Get an earful of Nas' beginning above.

Photo Credit: Life and Times