Ms. Tee's Splat Aqua Rush Is So New Orleans

Ms. Tee's Splat Aqua Rush Is So New Orleans
by abornewordsnkp featuring t-shirts

No we are not talking about a member of Hannibals Crew from the sitcom that ran throughout the 1980's called The A Team. That would be too obvious and would take away all the fun surrounding this new post. Let's continue so we can get to the juice. Yes it is a cruel reality of that New Orleans Lifestyle. Ambitious Female Rappers from the city are showing a side of themselves that is all to familiar. They seem to be caught on the crossroads wavering between being all business or hood rat gangster.

Philly Rapper Eve talked about her early beginnings, describing her grind and Pit Bull In A Skirt Title, as being sort of a way to prove herself in a male dominated Music Industry. We think that Female Rappers from New Orleans are behaving more aggressively because they want to get their Recognition. Take a look at someone who came way before GI Peachez surfaced on the Rap Scene. The hook is going to kill you with laughter and awe just like the visuals.

Watch The Video To See How It Goes Down

Ms. Tee's take on how broads knuckle up in the Big Easy is real. It is truly a shame when it has to come to this, but self defense is never wrong! Those of you who have been in a brawl or two can probably relate to the extreme bad girl right scenes in the video.

Everything from jealousy, to envy, to fist fights over men, New Orleans is full of broads who are "Bout That Life". At some point, women on the come up may have to choose business over street stupid. The question is can they find a healthy mix between the two and will they choose money over jail? We sure hope that Female Rappers in New Orleans will try to be on some business type ish! Good luck if you are struggling on one side or the other, or some where in between. It's not Houston or Hannibal, but this is certainly a problem. A few words of advice....Duck Female Rappers in other cities, Femcee's from New Orleans are coming for your neck. Put yo set up!