The idea of working hard to achieve goals is easier to envision, once you are pursuing a career that is interesting to you. Then, job related responsibilities don’t seem like work at all. Geedy P., a New Orleans Music Manager, is handling business for Rapper Nice Gunz . He has quite a few other Artist on his busy roster too.

He is about his business but he still finds time to show fans that he is cool and regular, by sharing the unexpected in Social Media. Flaunting his shoe game purchases, equipment purchases, and the talent of his Artist is not all Geedy P. does with his Social Media Accounts. He includes images of moguls like Diddy with catchy motivational reminders. Post like that are probably the reason he stays motivated and grinding so hard!

Grinding is exactly what he was doing when he actually took to the streets during the Bayou Classic Celebration in New Orleans. Handing out CD’s for his Artist BTY Youngin’ is what Geedy P. and his team were during in the cold. Now that shows dedication and drive!

What really takes the cake is how personal he gets with his fans. Geedy P. posted an image of a recent music purchase using his Instagram Account. As you can see, he purchased Scarface, a classic Hip Hop Album from The Ghetto Boys. Media Strategists often say that Social Media helps businesses and brands get more personal with fans and the result is bigger and better business. There is certainly enough information out here in cyberspace to support those claims. Geedy is making us out of believers. No, the game isn’t over. It’s just beginning and Ryda Muzik and the Youngin’s are taking over the Music Game. Keep watching for more from Team New Orleans.