It's been some time since New Orleans Rapper Lady Dahlia introducted us to Calliope Var via her Facebook Page and Instagram Feed. Though we found it interesting and intriguing, we didn't immediately jump on board to share Calliope Var with you.

Being good never has anything to do with it, when decisions are made about who turns up in the news or on one Blog or the other.

Subject matter, the timimg and how the flow of content is going plays a role in decision making. Even more than that though, our personal lives or life experiences also play a role. Followers and those you are following like what they are doing, often open the door to new and fresh content.

That's what makes Social Media so powerful. You post things on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Sound Cloud, to share the latest on what you are up to personally and professionally. Then it happens! Someone sees what you are doing and you become the topic of the day! The thing to understand is that here is always a process before you get there.

Calliope Var is finally here on Abornewords and we also followed the New Orleans Rapper on Soundcloud, after hearing what can be considered a very controversial a very controversial song called Project Chick.

The controversy comes on the heels of a lot of these new song releases playing around with My Adidas. They don't want none of that Calliope Var, New Orleans crazy! Don't think the controversy ends with samples either, Calliope Var knows how to upset the game. He is not ready to make up, until he gets to his American Dream and Fast Car glory, so do not think he is satisfied with only his new position.

The uproar from females could cause Bad Girl pandemonium for women who are trying to separate themselves from the stereotypes of being considered less than. The idea of living or coming from a Housing Project Background is especially sensitive for women who have worked hard to build a life for themselves outside of what low income housing offered.

We will just have to listen for music and interviews that may come out of New Orleans and elsewhere, to determine the true impact that the new song Project Chick is having on the mentality of women. Listen to the song and tell us what you think! Don't change voices , just realize who you dealing with. Calliope Var also cameos in Lady Dahilia's Video. Tag you're it!