It's summer and all the guys are coming out to play. We can't tell you if they are going out of their way to play nice, until we hear the music. Rap beefs get people talking and make for many great DJ battles depending on what Producers are showing up on wax.

There is speculation that New Orleans Super Producer Blaq-N-Mild will be producing some songs for New Orleans Rappers Gun Smoke and D-Nice (Gunna). The two Rappers are proving that going all the way is what they are more than willing to do. They are releasing a video for their song called I'm A Rider. Yes, they are so far out there and they want us to go on this amazing ride with them. Here's Gunna checking out some broads on his phone.

After a brief telephone interview with D-Nice (Gunna), we were informed that we could expect to hear GI Peachez on their upcoming mixtape, if negotiations are sorted through favorably. We have not gotten word on who the surprise Producer is, but we are hoping it's Blaq-N-Mild or Mannie Fresh. We will have to wait and see what type of beats their I'm A Rider Song will bring. We are just hoping that the song lives up to the type of New Orleans sound we have grown accustomed to hearing.

What Producer do you think will grace the track? Tell us what you think in the comment section!