Personality matters just as much as talent does in the Music Business. Iris P. is not lacking in the Big P. category. She has the voice and enough charm to hold the attention of her audience. The songbird has a sense of humor to.  When asked about intimate details concerning her sexual behavior, she politely stated that she has been making love, equating it to creating music. She also joked about not tweeting because her babysitter had her phone.

Besides noticing her sense of humor, we loved the fact that she was called Impressive Iris during her interview with Monstar Radio. We don't know how far she will take that title. However, Iris P. does seem to be taking her quest to portray herself as new and improved very seriously, calling herself a Good Girl.

In the 14 minute interview, Iris hints at a possible new direction on her new project. Instead of breakup songs, loneliness, and melancholy filled harmonies, she will deliver the opposite of dark, sad, and depressed. Let's pray that we get happy, high energy, and romantic.

No matter how dreamy we believe the new music will be, Iris Poree did let her fans know that it's okay to be brokenhearted. Except she reminded them that crying is not their only option. In the voice of Iris "Be Happy".

Monstar Radio Interview

The HOB (House of Blues) performance has happened  and she is being recognized and awarded for her talent. Receiving a NOLA Hip-Hop Award in 2012 is not all she has to be proud of these days. Yet, she does not need fancy awards to confirm her superiority as a vocalist. Her down to earth personality proves that she is grounded and in touch with her grassroots.  She has it!

After you listen to Iris' Interview, treat your ears to the vibe or "Street Chaser" below. It is going to make you go into your music collection and pull out your Frankie Beverly and Maze!