The excitement is in the air everytime there is talk of a New release, especially coming from Rappers in New Orleans. We are waiting on that Triggerz Got No Heart from Nice Gunz.

It's obvious that mainstream media has their favorites. We do to at Abornewords. That's why we had to call your attention to a Freestyle Nice Gunz released recently. His goal was not only to show off his Rap Flow, he wanted to give his followers something to carry them through, until the mix tape drops on Thanksgiving Day.

In one of only a few videos floating around the Internet showcasing his skills, Nice Gunz says so many things about living a hood lifestyle and what that means. He talks about his Father, his Uncle, and his Brother being State Property, in so many words.

Here's a highlight of some of the lyrics from one of his You Tube Transcripts (what I could understand) This should give you a picture of where his head is at.

I lost my Daddy to the Chain Gang,
I lost my Uncle to the Chain Gang,
and my Brother on that same train,
watch how you speak though,
addicted to that street flow
every want I'm bleeding for
a good lay down is what you fienin' for
you say the strap I need to let go
tell me somethin' I don't know
the millions is what I'm hittin' for
if you got the game messed up
you need that act right to soothe yo pain what's up....

The Rapper discussed a possible hook but nothing is definite, according to Beasel, Executive Producer of Wild Thoughts Music. A strong possible is:

You'll never get a chance
to set another Phillips up
look at my hands
I think I got the tin up
All of my plans
they bout' to go my way
see what I'm sayin' sayin'
they bout' to go my way (repeat)