Measuring the depth of Imma Keep It Hood by its powerful introduction, raises expectations to the height of hood love and community. A sample from his Indictment Time Song plays like a long whistle, echoing through the front courtyard, in the Housing Projects.

The video opens, showing big, old hoses like those you would see in a Carrie Movie, except you are in a totally different atmosphere, Uptown New Orleans. The Chippewa & Eighth Street sign flashes, giving us a glimpse of a Bty Young'N Supporter, talking on a telephone with a sly smirk on his face. A quick flash of a red bandana moves in and then out of the frame. By then, we are totally ready to experience what is really hood and you will be too. Get ready to see fire and the ice!

The things that happen all to often, the ones that get reported more times than you can count, on the evening news.  That is part of the fire and ice dynamic. Going into a video, using the cornerstore scene, is common for Nice Gunz. The Smoking Session Rapper has used the Cornerstore Theme before and it seems to work well for his message.  Preston Dark filmed quite a few scenes, inside of  Nicks Supermarket in New Orleans.

Nice Gunz goes with a black, white, and red fashion color palette. From his hat to his shoes, he is careful not to overdue his swagger. Nice Gunz is keeping it hood and looking good doing it. I bet he's wearing a pair of his favorite sneakers, New Balance.

More of the fire, plays through the scene of drug distribution, young men are seen in transaction. Youth usually want to use the act, as a means toward an improved quality of life ____ the fire, the come up, the good times, and life in the fast lane. Then, there is the lesser of two evils, the ice, cold crime that is suppose to be a white collar, Robinhood attempt but it ends up being black on black.

The cycle continues and stories, like the ones told in song, by youth who know all to well that crime does not always pay, will keep happening. Did the video clearly show the fire and ice of  hood lifestyles?  Tell us what you think!