Nice Gunz has released a new song with visuals to bring his words to life, promising a video for the new track, in the near future. In song he touches on critical issues plaguing many of our communitites. Violence, Drug Addiction, Police Brutality, hunger, and mortality rates among young people.

Nice Gunz Rapped about Treyvon Martin in his song called Dirty Cops, a song included on his recent Mixtape release entitled Triggerz Got No Heart (available on Datpiff)

On the hook, the New Orleans Rapper tries to paint a picture of what life in the Ghetto is like for some individuals. He does not exclude himself from the hardships he talks about in song. In fact, he shares the fact that he had to spend time away from both his parents, as a result of legal circumstances that put them on the wrong side of the law.

Bringing his Ghetto Message home seemed easier with the imagery used as the photographs roll in and out of view, painting a picture of what life is like for some in and outside of the confines of Public Housing.

Here are the words to the hook.

"In the ghetto a nig** see so much pain, for the money, a nig** serve they own mama cocaine, In the ghetto lil kids playing with no shoes, only time they eating is probably when they go to school, In the ghetto the murder rate sky high, murda scene Second Line, everyday Mama's cryin', In the ghetto I'm just tryna survive, tryna make it out alive, live to see 25'

Nice Gunz brings his point home, posing with his incarcerated Father and with is "lil kids playing with no shoes" which is a lot like kids playing on discarded mattresses infested with urine and stains. On a recent episode of TI & Tiny's Family Hustle Game, TI brought his Suburban kids to his old neighborhood to see if they could improvise and play the way he did as a youth.

Living in urban neighborhoods, in Housing Projects or otherwise, is not something to frown on or a topic to shy away from. Nice Gunz was not afraid to address topics that may be uncomfortable for some of us to discuss. Thank you Nice Gunz, Abornewords is not behind you half way, we are 100 over here and hope you trust us and continue to keep it real. Enjoy!

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