Nice Gunz has to be careful these days about how he's cruising down the highways, byways, and streets of New Orleans. On the Interstate and Intrastate, he is banned from breaking road rules and in danger of losing his Drivers License for good. That does not stop him from riding deep with friends though. When he does ride he is concerned about his style. Recently, Nice Gunz took the mic, showing off his lyrical hard bars. He did so wearing an affordable pair of kicks. Check out Nice Gunz shopping for the fresh pair of New Balance that he wore on stage at the Therapy Wine Lounge In New Orleans.

The Rapper is a Sneaker Head. He's always dropping a few ends on a fresh pair. He's also a big fan of the popular brand Air Jordan but is very fond of New Balance Sneakers because of their affordability and comfort. His attachment to the brand has more to do with the way New Balance brands their sneakers. That letter N is something that Nice Gunz thinks is cool. The New Orleans Rapper has been known as and called Nice since forever! He was born and given a nickname soon after. It's just a natural part of New Orleans Culture. Parents usually give their kids nicknames before being discharged from the hospital.

Now we have Nice Gunz, a New Orleans Rapper who has found his passion in music. Today he is making it known that he is branded for the Music Industry. He just wants everyone to remember his name, so he started putting his feet into sneakers that will help his growing fan base identify with who he is. His style is, urban and simple, not to complicated. Of course he didn't leave out the bandana. That seems to be a must. Even Tristan Mack Wilds has been seen wearing them.

We thought it was pretty cool when Nice Gunz wrote in an Instagram Post that the N stands for Nice, so we thought it would be fun to build on the letter N. Here's our Superman Take on the letter N!

N= Never bring cripto mics near a Rapper
N= New Money smells just like old money to a Rapper who makes it rain
N= Never let em see you see you sweat means nothing to a Rapper on some Bonnie & Clyde Cash Tip
N= New Years Eve is not the only time to set goals, when a Rapper rains right, female fans will gladly twerk for them. Score!

We keep tryna show y'all how New Orleans Artist do it. StreetFam Rell and Louisweezyana Gunna sound so New Orleans. Look how these two came out and hyped the crowd before Nice Gunz ever hit the stage. Watch The Video

These dudes are doing what they have to do and getting noticed. They sound real enough and Louweezyana Gunna goes in on some "A Thin Line Between Love & Hate type ish, spitting lines like "a lotta things a buy you what you want, a hundred bricks, a buy you what you want.......a rich bitch a buy you what you want". Who could forget the Angela Basset and Martin Lawrence performance in the A Thin Line Between Love And Hate Movie. Crazy right? Then these dudes turn up the bass and continue with ......2 hard for my own good, I keep it real like you should, hatin eyes it's all good, 200 times Hollywood.....and on and on and on! At my break of dawn, this sounds like New Orleans Rap at it's finest. Like what you hear and check these to out on YouTube.