Measuring analytical data that tells us how we are performing is something that I really have not been concerned about since I started Abornewords simply because getting trapped into a cycle of watching numbers is really a slippery slope which can affect creativity and guide Content Marketing in unusual directions. Then, the content becomes more about numbers and less about doing what we love. Unless sales are involved, there is really no need to watch analytical data. I just do what feels right and since New Orleans Rapper Nice Gunz has released his Triggerz Got No Heart 2, I am so excited to share our top 10 playlist from what is a 17 song mixtape available on Datpiff, Soundcloud, Audiomack and the Official Nice Gunz Facebook Page. Before I share the music, I want to show you what a few of the cool people showing up on the Abornewords Instagram Feed were doing after the release of TGNH2.

When Lady Dahlia made her Savage Song we were watching

When Lana Amazen dropped her For the Di** Freestyle we were watching

When Geedy P. cameod in Nice Gunz I'm a Fool Video and poured out his favorite Champagne we were watching

While we were watching here at Abornewords, I'm sure those of you who have heard me share songs from my Tidal Playlist are wondering what my Triggerz Got No Heart 2 Playlist will contain.

Welcome home @reggibangbang and go steam @itsnicegunz new mixtape ???????? Street Dreamz Da MoB ??

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Nice Gunz was able to include words of encouragement for his Daddy and his Uncle Kintad who are both serving life sentences in Angola. He empathized with them, even though he was not only going through his won financial and relationships struggles. those situations are proof of his growth as an Artist. Telling stories while showing vulnerablility amid life struggles is what helps many Artist to connect with their fanbase. Nice Gunz managed to do that and more with this album. In brief, Ride For Me put a nice spin on the usual Bonnie and Cylde type of relationships shared by Tupac and Jay-Z in that instead of being unified there is a breakup, leaving on party to question certain expectations of what love really means and the extent of that love while also dealing with the aftermath of the breakup. Nice Gunz not on finds his way on Grindin', he is attempting to love again. There are rumors that Mickey is actually a School Teacher/Artist who he is now dating. Then there is Ghetto, a straight hood song including a chronicle of Nice Gunz through various stages of his life as he reflects on what Ghetto Lifestyle means to many urban youth in the inner city. The song also touches on the hot button issue of Police Shooting involving Black Men. By the time we get to Keedy Story it is not only a perfect song but offers a special surprise in how it puts a surprise twist on Tupac's Brenda Got A Baby song. I've been writing and you have been reading. Now it's time to listen! Here is my Triggerz got No Hear Playlist. It's full of Bangers. Nice Gunz is not playing just like Geedy P said on the intro track called "Geedy P. Speaks". You be the judge.