There are times when women are seeking to be romanced and other times when the gift seems more important. In either instance, women always want to have romance in their lives.

Men will deliver to their eyes apple, once they have mapped out a plan to fulfill their own agenda. Nice Gunz has found a way to fit a romantic edge into Triggerz Got No Heart, starting with his Album Art.

We couldn't help but notice, so let us break it down, shall we? Gold, red, black, and white  makes up his allegiance. His 11th Ward roots BRANDS him Uptown. The Uptown Boy Strikes gold before even speaking or getting off the chart numbers, by putting candles above the guns, coming out in the midst of gun fire with his gun placed on the ground. BAM! Die three times, if you are hating right now.

He's a forth generation youngster, preparing us to receive his Rap Bill full of hits. Yes, he is taking shots while he is on some grown man, hood lover stuff. The ladies and gentlemen who haven't heard his first offerings are going to love it like they loved that 90's sound before the beef took lives and distracted from the music. You will pick out your favorites from a gang of hits.

New Orleans get your hands ready. You will have to not only clap for this very keeping it hood offering, but you will also be forced to respect his mind, for saturating the Music Industry with songs like "Sorry Mom", "Baby Choppa", "We Miss You(RIP)", Bitch I'm From New Orleans", and "Smokin Sessions". Sorry to Kelly and that other R&B Dude who made that erotic song about the Oreo Cookie. The Baby Choppa Song is sure to claim the Favorite Erotica spot in Rap.

Nice Gunz is making fellows hold it and load up while they make time to acknowledge their 5 Star Chics, promising kisses to their centerlobes. Ladies, get your lipsticks out and put it on your lips please and not all over the mirror. Stalkers at ease please. Try to control your possessive tendencies, but you are welcome to fall in love with song. The Triggerz Got No Heart Mixtape is sponsored below or you can download it right here. LISTEN UP