Abornewords Gives Under The Influence A Through Pat Down

Abornewords Gives Under The Influence A Through Pat Down by abornewordsnkp on Polyvore

EGMG's The Show & Bronco are offering fans of New Orleans Music something that will have real Hip-Hop fans recalling the phrase...Pass The Dutchie on the left hand side. Under The Influence is collaborative effort from the two featuring another Artist called Bruce Lee, on quite a few tracks. The whole mixtape is filled with the extremes of everything a party lifestyle could be.

Before we go into the pat down of the music tracks, we want to share something that may be surprising. The one thing that should not get pass a true critic is the fact that these dues put a twist on the usual bragging ways of Rappers. They really manage to show how financial security can be a doorway to a carefree lifestyle or at least a lifestyle with room for lots of leisure. The lyrics will sometimes seem harsh but it's easily to see pass that, if you are a true fan of Hip-Hop.

"Gladiator" does put disappoint but for now I will digress. You can certainly use the "Lifestyle" song, after you have worn out a song like Jay Z's Party Life. The intro line is "It's the Lifestyle", a great way to start off a song that's going to proceed with lyrics that romance the melody of the music.

Yeh nights and amnesia mornings take fans through "Faded Too Long". The karate chop is Bronco's all to real lyrics, expressing casual sexual encounters with no strings attached. To describe the complexity of "Faded To Long" is intellectually stimulating because it's been colored with so many concepts.

Strong drinks, house parties and going to far with one thing or another. Those are all examples of things that are good in moderation. Too much of any of them are grounds for disaster. Drinking to much can lead to alcoholism. The downside of partying to much is that you may end up neglecting important responsibilities. Going to far means you exceeded some limit or some boundary which could lead you into a violation of the laws of the land.

The pleasant surprise is how the song paints a perfect picture of a conductor and musicians using highs & lows in sound.

You have to get ready for a different kind of Bonnie & Clyde on "Sideways" as Bronco makes it clear that he knows how to ride deep with his girl while feeling invincible. Since attitude in song sounds so barbaric, it's only right for us to tell you about Gladiator, song 2. Read More of what we said about the album or just listen to, Lifestyle, one of our favorite tracks below.