Evidently GI Peaches, as she is being called, is getting ready to make her presence known even more on the mix tape circuit with her mixtape entitled The Recognition. Some of you may be asking does she really want it and how bad? Well she's in her room so you know what that means. Is Miss Peaches up to mischief? The next question is who is she calling to her room?

Apparently, she is gunning for them big tymers as a video showing Peaches dancing to Beyonce's Single Ladies has over 350,000 views. With videos like that we are sure that the fellas will be lining up. Peaches seems like she would be a good catch for dudes looking for a straight up girl to hold them down. We already know that she can hold it down for the fam like only a true New Orleanian could. Now that we know she can eat off Rap Plates, let's she if she can take a few when The Recognition drops. Carrot tops top charts but we know New Orleans Artist do it for the love. A video from the young soulja is due real soon! Do y'all believe the young star has what it takes to hold it down in this Rap Game of very few female faces? Tell us what you think!

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