There are so many things I could be doing right now. Yet, all I really want to do st this moment is show you how music and beauty is connecting and interesting in our lives. It always comes down to business and how we connect that with our bottom lines. That always means buying and selling, no matter what it is ________ your favorite lipstick, those new sneakers, or that new convertible, the things we buy, connect us to what we love and all the people involved in getting them into our hands.

Porsha Williams also known as Porsha Stewart, the most boring Housewife Of Atlanta, and the divorced chic who was dum enough to sign a prenuptial agreement, is probably one of the best examples of what a Gold Digger is not. She is paving her own way in Entertainment.

Porsha Williams is real enough to cash in on her breakup, releasing a song called Flatline, based on the circumstances and emotional rollercoaster she's been on winced her marriage to Footbal Player Kordell Stewart ended. Here is another visual of the star living through her Flatline, making connections with Host/Entertainment Editor for the Grio. On his timeline a retweet, giving The Atlanta Housewife support on her musical endeavors. It read: My girl....released the most sophisticated single from any "Real Housewife" ever. #Flatline is everything. Kudos!" Porsha is following in the footsteps of New Orleans R&B Artist Iris P, her lookalike, dabbling in hair extensions.

They are both taking their hair hustle to the next level by wearing their long locks gracefully, snapping photos and creating lots of Social Buzz.

We will let you decide if Porsha should focus on Reality TV and wearing weave. Listen to Porsha's Flatline below.