Many have done it but Ayo does it for the hood just like her fans likes it because she is using smart marketing tactics in her song title, style choices and all the way up to the blue streak in her hair. Sure there are other songs entitled Feeling Myself and so many female Artist have followed Lil Kim's style too. That is why I am not surprised Ayo is wearing a Dark Tan Romper and matching her blue streak hair with her outfit which certainly makes me think of Lil Kim's 90's style in today's tie dye style era. Haven't heard of Ayo PrincezZ?

Well, she is the New Orleans Rapper who made one of my favorite songs called Somebody Else and she is still making lots of noise performing locally in the city of New Orleans while maintaining an online presence to share her passion. On Somebody Else she used her Brickhouse flow on some old school ish to bring the idea of the love triangle like Shirley Brown talked about in Woman to Woman to the forefront. I still love that song and it's one I will keep going back to over and over to hear.

A lot of things make the video for Feeling Myself awesome, including her monogram jewelry that simply reads Slay! From her long maxi dress all the way up to the blue streaks in her hair, the Rapper/Songstress is using her fast flow to show true talent on Feeling Myself. It also helps that she sort of down plays the Jimmy Choo Brand in favor of Giovanni.

In case you missed Somebody Else. We got you here on Abornewords.