Ever since Tupac put Jodeci on tracks like "How Do You Want It" and Toss It Up, many Rap Artist have followed suite and used duo's with R&B Artist to make romantic and provocative music for the masses. Although we may probably never forget those songs, there are great songs being made everyday that hit home runs but lack the vocals of famed R&B Artists.

Listen to Rapper Lootie Lou, as he delivers a mellow and romantic song called Thinkin Of You.

The beat used in this song is just the right tempo and reminds me a lot of Rapper Nice Gunz Sorry Mom song. Slowing down the mood, to something that is thoughtful and smooth, can help fans to be more open to listening. Thinkin' Of You is proof that Rappers don't need Trey Songs singing his Slow Motion Hook to create great music. When its right, nothing can kill the vibe.

Lootie Lou has a new Mixtape out called Free Dope, available on Datpiff.

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