It's not just television for this red head beauty! Her accented vocals run smoothly over music tracks with country girl ease and we keep loving her classic sound.

We shared the video for Consider Me Gone here on Abornewords sometime ago. Now we want to tell you why you should listen to the rest of the album. One essential line won me over on Consider Me Gone. "If I'm not the one thing you can't stand to lose"....Everyone has been here either through an admonishment(warning) or the act of leaving a loved one or a situation. If you find yourself trying to remember, complete this......If you lose me(add in your text here).

Music Can therapeutic, especially in the aftermath of a breakup. That's why the first track (Strange) on Reba's hit filled CD is so lyrically perfect. It's the perfect song to carry you through during those rough patches, when everything is still fresh. Strange is that song! Laying back on your own sofa or thrown across your bed, you can get all into the lyrics. "I laid back feeling sorry for myself, in a bed of Kleenex" she sang. Then comes something other than ice cream! You have to listen to this one while you slowly indulge in some sweet chocolates. Emily's Chocolate Covered Fortune Cookies are a great choice. Oh now back to the music. Resisting the urge to stuff chocolates in your mouth without really enjoying them, it might be better to take it slowly. Careful, by the time you swallow up this song, you will realize that the unexpected has happened. Instead of sanking in your sorrows, you will start to realize that you don't need him as much and that Strange is really a song of strength and empowerment. "I OUGHT TO BE IN BED WITH MY HEAD ON MY PILLOW CRY IN......BUT I AIN'T, AIN'T LOVE STRANGE" and she's even thinking about shopping for a little black dress! A true sign that she's in the recovery stage. Ultimately, it's that moment when you realize that life goes on!

Before you fall back in love with "Keep On Lovin You" you might want to figure out what type of man you want next time. For Reba, it's a cowboy. "I Want A Cowboy" is about putting your desire into words. "I WANT A DOWN HOME UP WITH THE SUNRISE MAN, A PICK UP TRUCK DRIVING STRONG STEADY HAND". Her big pimpin' wears Wranglers and uses Stetson, a gold level cologne. Even E-40 can smell her real McCoy. He's a real Cowboy! That means, jeans are a must and he can also dazzle you with a hat.

Once you find your cowboy, you have to remind yourself that being vulnerable is okay. "But Why" the 6th song on the album can help you with that. It's all about being able to feel, expressing yourself, and realizing that being independent does not mean being alone.

Need a little foreplay? Reba didn't fall short in that category. "Maggie Creek Road" appears to be the name of a famous make out spot. Do you have one in your town? Youthful, in a Mothers tongue, is how it plays through to warn against girlish behavior. "HE'LL TELL YOU THINGS THAT YOU WANT TO HEAR" (player moves). No turning back introduces an unfortunate situation. You will get the drift before the song ends. No means no for all of you Molly lovers(C-Lo Green)! Don't get it twisted please. The tears are evident and Mamas revenge is very tempting.

Speaking of Mama's, "She's Turning 50 ( 8th song) is for the mature woman or at least the woman who is fed up with the woes of marriage gone wrong. She's ready to find herself and leave the past miles behind. Eat my dust losers is a good phrase to remember, if you ever find yourself reminiscing about birthdays past and pursuing a new life.

Leaving old things behind is easy for a dreamer. "Pink Guitar" (song 7) takes you on a journey. You always knew that you were destined for great things. Climbing the ladder to stardom is the emotion of this song. Go ahead and shine like a bright star, if you love to rock. There is no sexual messages or drugs involved. Though, you will get high as you hear the transition from humble beginnings. Hole in the walls goodbye!

The Country Music Hall Of Fame is exactly where Reba belongs, for singing songs like "I'll Have What She's Having".  Isn't that a movie? Back to the music. The Star sings "a tall order, I suppose but if you could find me one of those" (referring to a man). Thy shall not covet but she does on this track.  On the positive side she is able to see the spirit of happiness in someone else and wants to experience it herself. You will too! Shuffle these tracks and you will find out that Reba encourages us to never give up on love with "I Keep Lovin You" ( song 3). There's a clear reminder of how important faith is, even in the midst of bickering. In the end, overcoming ups and downs makes staying in love with Reba's Music easy. Keep On Lovin You Is full of hits. Check out STRANGE.