Everything coming out of New Orleans is making me so proud right now. Nice Gunz is in that number too. He's been performing at shows and partying with his boys is not making him sleep on his ultimate goal. Releasing hot music detailing the everyday struggles of youth, living in impoverished neighborhoods,with working class parents is his secret weapon to the good life.

Teasing his growing fan base with hints of a video shoots for Ima Keep It Hood and a Mardi Gras Release date is how he keeps the momentum going for his first 17 song Mixtape. Hearing that New Orleans talk is as common as having donuts and milk for most New Orleans Residents. The vernacular is clearly identifiable to most non New Orleanians.

Here's how we breakdown the Nice Gunz Triggerz Got No Heart tracklist.

1. Intro Spice 1 got him running chasing girls
2. Bars for days is what he be giving all y'all
3. Imma Keep It Hood gon paint the picture of his street
4. Baby Choppa blast is a threat where ya peeps
5. Skit Car Jackin Harold catch them boys slippin'
6.Sipping on that Grey Goose Feeling Like Boosie
7. Around Indictment Time you feel like cobbing a plea
8. Skit Showing The Tape you tell 'em that wasn't me
9. If It's Beef you want Bologna, ham and salami
10. BTY Young' N Freestyle make ya whole hood holla
11. What's up where you at player Im From New Orleans
12. Skit Harolds Revenge flush the money down the toliet
13. Sorry Mom Ima give up this gangster life tomorrow
14. Meet me at the spot I got them ends that you borrowed
15. Its Real Outcha so you tryna get a deal
16. Them Dirty Cops planted that tryna get a mill
17. All look how cold Skit Car Jackin For Rims
18. Smoking Sessions na you chilling click clacking you hear 'em

Nice Gunz is always making appearances wearing Ryda Muzik Gear. You can get yours at Lids in The Esplanade Mall at Lakeside if you live in New Orleans or the surrounding area. Here's part of the tracklist that surfaced on Instagram and you can checkout the video to find out more about what Lids offers below.