In the video Schoolboy Q is supporting 50 Cent's Project Animal Ambition which should be on shelves now. Purchase yours for your listening pleasure.

Schoolboy Q's support of 50 Cent is what made us want to explore him and his music a little more. Do y'all see how rough around the edges he looks and what is he doing with his beard? After seeing our Rick Ross post, you should be laughing out loud right now. His collaboration with 50 Cent on Flip On You is all good, but we did a little research and found even more interesting from Schoolboy Q. The Good Times Rapper is what we will call him right now and not just because of his dynamite hat game. It's because of the feel good music vibe we got from this song. Before I go any further, you have to hear this! Listen up.

The sound of this one is infectious but please avoid that midnight train to Georgia. It great how they chopped and screwed it though. I don't know why he named it Purge but all I could think about was Purge the Movie that is due in theaters this month. Judge for yourself! Would you give Schoolboy Q an A plus in your Rap Grade Book? Tell us what you think! I'm lovin' it!