Music At Mealtime

Getting kids to understand the importance of eating a good breakfast is more difficult today, simply because of how technology has changed the way we interact and do business. Society is organized to help us get things done more rapidly than ever before. From vending machines accepting credit cards to Red Box issuing the latest movies on DVD's (soon to be coffee) to colleges offering online courses, we can get so many things done expeditiously. All of these things make it hard for modern day parents to avoid getting caught up in the type of lifestyle that supports quick consumerism.

A good way to set limits, to some of this fast madness, is to crave out time to slow down. How you do this is totally up to you. Believe one thing though, your kids will remember that you did. Mealtime is a great opportunity to spend extra time together as a family. If your parents made sure you and your siblings sat around the table to have a good breakfast, you will likely pass down these same values to your kid(s). Using mealtime as a way to escape the madness of quick consumerism will be easy for you.

Doctors, nurses, and Nursing Assistants realize more than anyone else how vital it is to make mealtime more pleasant. Where patients are concerned, sometimes getting children and adults to eat can be more difficult than you think. Since treatment for some type of illness is involved, the patients illness and treatment often interfere with their ability to function normally. Sometimes that makes mealtime an inconvenience. Loss of appetite or fatigue can make mealtime undesirable. That's why Medical Professionals take pride in following standards that help to make mealtime more pleasant. Some of the tactics used by Healthcare Providers are: adding flowers to the patients room, including bright colors in the decor scheme (bright curtains, a colorful throw), using colorful clothing (colorful fuzzy slippers are ideal), pleasant odors (air fresheners, candles), and finally including music at mealtime.

Snoop Lion's Turn To Shine With His New Song La,La,La

Listen to La, La, La

For those of you who are skeptical about using mealtime to downplay quick consumerism, use shopping as an alternative. Instead of racing to the automated Self Checkout, the ones that turn you into the cashier and bagger, opt for real service, by using a cashier on duty. You have probably seen these super efficient register set ups in effect at a Supermarket near you. Some workers are calling it an unfair Corporate Strategy initiated by Executives, to cut operational cost and save money. Is it unfair or efficient for quick consumerism? You be the judge. We are only suggesting that you skip it and spend the extra time with your kids while getting some good customer service.

Now you understand that mealtime can be a neat way to spend time with your family, escape quick consumerism, and it can also give you an opportunity to make mealtime more pleasant as you incorporate music into the mix. Snoop Lions La, La, La is preferred.!

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