Jay Z's freestyle performance includes Spotify and here's how the Streaming Service is connected to Starbucks. Starbucks employees are called Partners and that culture is fueling the chains quest to continue to innovate, by using their reputation to help new Artist advance. As Starbuck's has moved away from selling CD's in house, their partnership with Spotify seems to fulfill their desire to stay relevant and afloat in this technologically advanced society we live in. Starbuck's has an ongoing playlist featured on Spotify which included Artist you will hear at Starbucks Locations.

Spotify is likely loving their connection to Starbucks, as they are now competing with the likes of Jay Z's Tidal which the mogul continues to push as a platform supporting Artist by offering fair royalties unlike those offered by You Tube. Though Jay Z has been criticized for targeting College Students and Celebrities, all members of the service will receive high quality sound and a superior listening experience and exclusive content, according to Jay Z and other Execs affiliated with the service.

Spotify accused Jay Z of making negative comments, about their platform. Yet, Jay Z's comments which are included in his B Sides Performance, seem to lift Spotify up as a top earner with the likes of Steve Jobs Apple and Phil Knights Nike's Brand. Listen to his famous freestyle below and you be the judge. The freestyle happens about 16 seconds in.

Starbucks Partners may be getting free subscriptions to the Spotify Streaming Service but Tidal is still going to be the choice service for Jay Z Fans who are a part of the ever growing Hip-Hop Community. I'm a huge Jay Z fan and a supporter in my own way but I also realize that Statbucks is a great place to chill, use wifi for work related activities like Blogging and research. If I'm hearing music other than that created by Artist included on the Tidal Platform, I'm open to listening. That's all.