Love & War

Tamar Braxton made her way back to 106 & Park to hit the stage during the week leading up to Valentines Day and All Star Weekend. Tamar's casual and flirty video is a milder version of one Timothy Bloom 'Til The End Of Time video that has over one hundred thirty-six thousand views on You Tube. We will not boast about how many times fans have viewed Tamar's video on You Tube. Anyone listening to her vocals cant deny that she is beyond talented. We will tell you that fans seem to love her delivery. She is a frequent guest on 106 & Park and recently sat down to chat on the popular Video Show about everything from her love for hubby Vince Herbert (her biggest fan) to Braxton Family Values and even her own Reality Show that premieres on the We Cable Station. She even played a little game with her Mr. Huggable on the show.

Tamar Braxton's singing skills are not all that fans have been critiquing, her fashion is also on radar. Braxton's fashion choices have been conservative and not overly sexy. It seems that she has been very careful with her fashion choices, making it a point to keep her look toned down. Her move to do so seems like an attempt to attract fans of all ages and backgrounds. Surprised fans who have watched her on Braxton Family Values, giving attitude and around the way girl lip, are wondering where is the Braxton that was down to not only slap a chic and also drop it like it's hot!

Call it an alter ego if you want too or just a strategy to maximize her fan base, but personality and attitude is not something that she lacks. It has been one of the highlights that defines her presence on Reality Shows all too well. Who says a girl cant switch it up, be articulate, and still bring it on stage? Just ask Sasha Fierce. Now, Tamar's performance does not contain Beyonce's hair whipping moves or hip rolls. Other than that she seems to be feeling out the stage like many new solo artist do, once they blow up. She has time to wow us in her own light with more good music.

A good twist that has come to our attention at Abornewords is a very likely comparison. Some fans are holding Tamar's Love & War Song up against a duo collaboration of the same name which appeared on Anthony Hamilton's Soullife Album featuring talented artist Macy Gray. On the Anthony Hamilton version Macy Gray calls Love a gumbo (New Orleans), making it sound like the popular songs played in clubs and Barrooms in the Big Easy. Whether you are going to a place like Tipitina's, a bar in the French Quarters, or a little whole the wall in the hood, you can expect to hear good soulful music all the time. There are always people who appreciate the sound and come out just to have a good time and few drinks. Equating love to gumbo does make it seem all inclusive. The good and the bad, the happy and the sad, the joy and the pain. If that's not an accurate description of what love and war can be, then maybe you are not listening hard enough. Both songs are well arranged, performed to perfection. Fans have not really said which one is their favorite. I'll just say that on behalf of my own alter ego, I feel like a bowl of good gumbo with plenty of meat. I'm just saying!

Is Tamar's song your favorite and is she really winning? What does winning really mean in The Music Industry and Hollywood? Do you have the sudden urge for a bowl of that good too? Tell us what you think in the comment section!

Tamar Braxton's Love & War Video.

A Sample of Anthony Hamilton's Gumbo