The Rap Pack received a lot of attention as a group. separate each member of the group is still finding love in music. The not only performed on B.E.T., receiving national recognition____ they were nominated for Nola Awards. The Show, in particular, has released a new mixtape called Bloody Roses using the name Don Flamingo. It seems to be a part of his Slanguage, giving translation to his original name, The Show.

After visiting the EGMG Website, we had to share his Slanguage Video which leads in our choice department as a favorite from his latest release. It's so creatively articulated over the very familiar Hip-Hop Beat and scores a 10 on our hot meter! The translation of slang is a total decode for the exchange of common words used on the street, proving that there is always a conversation happening, even when laws are not being broken.

Do you think The Show is breaking what some might call Gangster Code, drawing attention to himself, or making everyone more interest in the conversations happening between Artist, in the Music Business? You can find out more about what EGMG Lifestyle is Here.