Your lifestyle has just as much to do with people as it does with the products you use, down to your socks. So you are not in a saving mood and it's time to spend, shop, and shine. Well buying lot's of material things can carry a stigma that may be problematic.

In a new song, The Wave clearly depicts behavior that can be characterized as suspicious or stereotypical, depending on the observer. His approach is clever, in that it forces you to examine your own views and preconceived notions about how you see a selected group of people and the behaviors that stimulate those feelings. The Wave does not stop there, all through the video, he sort of pokes fun at those preconceived notions associated with big spenders or what some may call a flashy person, throwing money around. Take a look at the video.

The Wave's tenor to baritone voice adds a special kind of rhythm to Do Right U Gain Success (DRUGS). The Wave is not only attempting to change perceptions by decoding a word, he is offering fans a chance to see both sides of the coin, the struggle and the come up. Defining and explaining what his Drug Song means, is having a positive affect on the Hip-Hop Community, like Rap Genius.

When Rappers start to talk about their lyrics, words resonate in a whole new way and people get inspired.   On The Wave Website, you'll find two movies available for sale. Florida Keys and Murda Capital are what Mr. Gates (The Wave) hopes will change people for the better. In collaboration with other creatives, both movies will take viewers on a journey through life in the fast lane, where the focus shifts from parties and material wealth to drug money crime and the harsh affects of a lifestyle that often includes death.

In an interview, he says "I'm just trying to give some kind of light...just painting a picture of what the truth is" no matter what anyone thinks. The New Orleans native claims his latest release "Million Dollar Day" represents the real American Dream", hustling and making it out of the struggle. Are you feeling this video?